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  • Dear Parent / Carer

    Re: PE & Lunchtime Activities

    I am writing to request that all pupils bring training shoes in to school each day, for use in both PE lessons and lunchtime activities. Trainers can be brought in to school on a daily basis; alternatively should your son wish to leave his trainers in school for the duration of the week arrangements can be made to facilitate this.

    Due to the safety of all pupils I must inform you that from Monday 22nd September 2014 should your son attend school without trainers he will be unable to participate in any of the sporting activities offered at school.

    Should you wish to discuss this further please contact the school.

    Yours sincerely

    D Gaze

    PE Teacher

  • To Parents/Carers of Year 7 Pupils

    Dear Parent/Carer

    Developing Year 7 Literacy 

    I am writing to inform you that as part of our commitment to driving standards and pupils' achievement we intend to develop an enhanced literacy programme for your son in order for him to be able to access learning even more.

    This will mean that we will reduce French lessons to one period a week after half term to facilitate extra literacy lessons.

    We trust you approve of this way forward.

    Yours sincerely

    Jonathan Kemp


  • Watford Observer

    Falconer School teacher, Daniel Gaze, recognised in Paul Pearce Award for the Contribution to Disability Sports.

  • Falconer school on DFE



    The time was 2pm, the place was ‘The Cage’ and every member of the Falconer School Community was there.

    Organised by our very own Year 11 GCSE pupils, LC, JJ and TMD, the first ever outdoor Music Fest was blessed with the warmth of the summer sun.

    Green Day’s ‘When I come around’ was solidly performed by budding vocalist/pianist TMS, pianist, DB and drummer, HM.

    Pianist, SF, bassist, DE and drummer, KK also presented their rendition of The Animals ‘House of the Rising Sun’ with ‘yours truly’ supporting vocally and on acoustic guitar.

    Our in-house semi professionals Mick Rowan (Motor Vehicles Project), and Matt Tralaw (1:1 instrumental tutor), had been invited by the organisers to perform and they graced us with their own Irish folk and blues, funk, reggae fusions. When asked to give his impressions of the event Mick replied, ‘I was more nervous today than when I have played in front of thousands. I guess it’s because you’re not a bunch of strangers I’ll never see again.’

    (Ain’t that the truth!)

    The headline act, Lionel, Joshua and Thomas, performed four songs, two of which are worthy of mention, ‘Dave’ and ‘Unwanted’; both collaborative efforts by Josh and Thomas and feature that alternative grunge rock sound that has become their favoured style. The husky, throaty and beautifully melodic vocals from TDM were made all the more gravelly with the cold he was fighting. (The show must go on!)

    Teachers and pupils sat together, performed together and in the end danced together to the pumping sounds of guest DJ, Joseph Suddick, from Sanctuary Studios.

    Wow! Well done Lionel, Josh and Thomas. It was an event that demonstrated the ‘best’ of the Falconer community... unity, respect for our differences and a celebration of talent.

  • Falconer School Wins Best in Show 2013 at RHS Wisley

    Since last term, the Art room has been full of wood. Logs, twigs, branches and sticks. Many Falconer students have been busy sharpening, snapping, twisting and constructing this wood into a castle. We called it Fortress Falconer. It's purpose is to Defend Nature. It provides a home in which helpful insects can live. A place from which these mini eco-knights can launch attacks on unwanted pests. This help us keep our garden organic.

    The Horticulture group planted many seeds that grew into plants and flowers that attract bees and butterflies.

    Just before half term, Mr Dennemont and Mr Hodges went down to RHS Wisley and entered our Fortress, along with some of the plants into the 'Budding Gardeners 2013' competition.

    All of the other entrants where to a high standard. The judges had a tough time choosing the winner. But, in the end, when they did, they chose Falconer Fortress as Best in Show!.

    This is a huge a huge achievement for the boys of Falconer School – one the whole community should be very proud of.

    Once again, you proved your creativity, your talent and your ability to work hard as a team!

    Well Done! You should be very proud of yourselves.

    The Fortress will soon be on display at school.

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